What are the registers

Currently, we have the following registrations:

User: is the person who registers in ileave to make their Social Testament.

Contact: These are the people you add in the application so that once you die, the confidant sends the funeral details.

Confidant: This is the person or persons (maximum three) that you trust and are close to you so that when you die they can send the funeral details and the dedications to your contacts. The confidant can also be an organisation or institution that cares for underprivileged people, homeless people, people under guardianship, etc. If you are an organisation, please contact us at .

Dedications: This is a text/audio/video that will be used to create a message to be sent to a specific contact or a group of contacts chosen by you, for example: dance group, from the residence, from your old job, friends from university, etc.

Requests: These are the wishes and last wishes that you create for your funeral and that the confidant(s) will receive. You will decide whether you want a religious ceremony, a secular ceremony… or whether you want to be buried or cremated, for example. You can choose the text for the memorial, music for the ceremony, a photograph to preside over the funeral and any requests you would like your loved ones to make for you.

Book of condolences: This is the book that is written for your family, to show their support and to remember you. Your friends and loved ones can write in it their words of honour, their memories of you, their words of condolence or their message of sympathy for your immediate family.

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